Pick your favorite and enjoy yourself! Cafe YU

Pick your favorite and enjoy yourself! Cafe YU

When talking about "Japan", people will think of "Wa"
Then do you know the shop when you can enjoy the Japanese-style coffee?

To enjoy the cuisine ladled in the fired pottery, such cafe shop is just in Osaka.

The impressive "Cafe YU", its appearance is surrounded by living greenery.

There is a simple and pure green appears in the soaring city!
Attracted by it, people couldn't help but to stop.

In the shop, the retro nostalgic atmosphere,
the modern lighting with dim light,
the flowing music, all these will make people's blundering mood calm

There are also pottery displays in the shop,
and the works of students in the pottery classroom are now on exhibition!
Certainly, the foreign guests are more interested in pottery decoration than Japanese guests!

The highlight of this cafe shop is that you can choose your favorite "utsuwa"!
In fact, the utsuwa used in this shop are all hand-made products.

You should pay in advance while ordering at the bar! When ordering, you can choose the shape and color of utsuwa you like


There are respectively five types of hot drink tableware and cold drink tableware for your choice.

I ordered the weekday lunch set "Hot Sandwich".

Ah, the cat-shaped cup is filled with "Latte Coffee" with the shape of a cat's face!
So cute, I was reluctant to drink it.

Drink the cute latte and spend your healing time!

In fact, a pottery workshop is located on the second floor of this cafe shop!
And I also experienced a one-day pottery course!

When traveling to Japan,
be sure to bring back the handcrafted utsuwa here!
I will upload the reported article next time. Stay tuned!

Cafe YU

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I love 2.5-dimensional stage!

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