Japan's Top-three Famous Uchiwa

Does everyone feel that it has become hotter recently?
In Japan, the uchiwa is one of the representative sceneries in summer.
Today I will introduce Japan's top-three famous uchiwa to you.

①Kyoto Uchiwa
The Kyoto Uchiwa is originated from Korea.
Such kind of uchiwa is ranked according to the number of its fan frame.
The high-class Kyoto Uchiwa even has 100 fan frames.
In addition, the Kyoto Uchiwa has a variety of shapes such as round, square, long handle, hagoita, sector, zigzag and so on.

②Marugame Uchiwa
Marugame Uchiwa appeared in the early Edo period.
In the past, the Marugame Uchiwa in medake round handle and odake round handle was very popular, and today, the Marugame Uchiwa is mostly in medake flat handle.

③Minamiboso Uchiwa
The Minamiboso Uchiwa is a specialty in the south of Boso-Hanto, Chiba-ken, and this kind of uchiwa is only made from medake.

Are you interested in the Japanese uchiwa?
You may as well buy a blank uchiwa and create your own scenery in summer 〜