summer deal with heat

Beware of Japan's summer! How to deal with heat easily.

Have you ever felt the summer in Japan? Japan is a "high temperature and high humidity" country, in summer, as temperatures rise, people will be sweaty heavily. How is the hotness in Japan different from that of the general countries? This time I will introduce to you the characteristics of Japan's summer.

Japan is located in the temperate region of Earth's northern hemisphere, and Japan is an island country, so the wind blowing from the ocean is full of moisture. Therefore, in the summer of Japan, not only the temperature is very high, but the air humidity generally exceeds 70%, that is,in summer, Japan must be in the condition of "high temperature and high humidity".

The heat in the body can not be excreted in such "high temperature and high humidity" climate, so the body temperature will be rising and cause the "heat stroke". The symptoms of heat stroke are varied according to the disease degree, and in worse instances may cause the patient to be dead, so it is very dangerous.

Please take measures to prevent heatstroke and enjoy the summer tour in Japan♪