How to hold an umbrella

During rainy season, the umbrella is the necessity for everyone. All will be OK if it is sunny, but when it is raining, how to hold an umbrella well? A little carelessness will bring trouble to others. Then, next I will introduce to you the etiquette while walking with an umbrella

■First of all, how to deal with umbrellas?

■When walking with an umbrella

Other dangerous method of holding umbrella, you should pay more attention even if you are unconscious!

■How to hold an umbrella when you are wandering.

Then what is the correct way to walk with an umbrella? You should hang the umbrella on your wrist and put it in front of you.

Other methods of holding umbrella are also OK!

For example, carrying the umbrella on the back, that's will be wonderful.

Let's abide by the etiquette and spend a happy rainy season!