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Art of Japanese Sweets! Namagashi

On June 16 this year, it will be the "Wagashi Day"! Among the various of wagashi, "namagashi" is known as the art of food. This "namagashi" is inviting you into its world.

Kako:"Because it is mainly the top-ranking stuffed Japanese style cake to provide for the guests at the tea party, it is called 'namagashi.'"
Jyuga: "The shape is so beautiful!"
Kako:"Yes, the shape of the past and the present namagashi have been changed depending on the different season and different store. So, the namagashi with new shape will be designed and produced in each year."

Kako:"With such process...the shape will become beautiful! And just like this Wagashi Store, every namagashi is hand-made attentively by us."

Recommend you to taste namagashi with tea (sencha,hojicha or green tea). Of course, it is also no problem to eat it directly!

Kako:"After hearing me, you must be the namagashi master!"
Jyuga:"I want to eat more! Would you please give me another share of tea and namagashi?"
Kako:"O-K! Of course no problem!!"

The namagashi is available throughout the year, besides wagashi store, which is also available in shopping malls, supermarkets, and wagashi promotion. How about tasting namagashi while enjoying the season?