The Japanese mosquito repellent is mostly in the shape of pig! Why?

Speaking of summer, mosquitoes are undoubtedly the number one enemy for people. In Japan, people are used to use mosquito coil to pick up such enemies. Here I would like to point out whether you know the kayalibuta, which is called summer monk poem. Then why is it in the shape of a pig? In fact, the origin of it is very different and it cannot be concluded. Today I will introduce the most famous version to you.

However, such method is not very effective for the big pipe nozzle, so people imitate the pig's face and make the opening into a pig's nose shape when they produce the stuff with small opening.

In recent years, the electronic mosquito repellent is more popular, but if you use such kind of kayalibuta, there will be an amorous feeling with very graceful and gentle style.