It is Japan's "summer" during the time from June to August.
The local temperature in Japan will exceed 30 degrees this season, and the muggy weather will endure.
Next I'd like to introduce the temperature in Tokyo and the proper clothes and the sun protection to the people who has plan to travel to Japan during this period.
If you learn about them in advance, it will be more convenient for your journey!

Matsuri festival mikoshi hanabi firework

The temperature will be 32 degrees in the day-time in July, in the morning and evening, it will be 24 degrees. In August, the temperature will be 33 degrees in the day-time, and 26 degrees in the morning and evening. So please take care of the heat stroke.

June fashion

In June, the maximum temperature in the day-time of Japan will be close to 30 degrees, so the weather is very muggy.
Because there are much more rainy days, please bring rain gear and light jackets.

July fashion August fashion

The temperatures in July and August will all exceed 30 degrees, so the extremely muggy whether will be continued.
So at this time, it is better to wear a light short sleeve shirt or shirt and other light and cool clothes.
Also, don't forget to wear a hat or hold a parasol, etc. to prevent UV radiation.

In short, the summer of Japan is very hot.
In the evening onwards, sometimes there are sudden thundershowers, so it is advisable to prepare rain gear in advance.
Please be sure to come to Japan to enjoy the exclusive activities and events like swimming pools and summer festivals♪.

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