Fantastic rainbow cuisine! Harajuku “LE SHINER”

Almost all the Japanese lovely elements are gathered in Harajuku, including colorful accessories, western clothes, beautiful makeup, plush toys, and food...yes, LE SHINER, the birthplace of rainbow cuisine which is famous for its assemblage of colors, is just located in Takeshita Dori,Harajuku!

The grey concrete forms a wonderful contrast with the pink ornament.The wall art at the entrance is very eye-catching, and there are many dolls of bear here to welcome you♡

The colorful rainbow is so beautiful! Actually, the rainbow inside the sandwich is "cheese"! In fact, all the cheese used in these sandwiches shall be imported from Germany, so its ductility is very good and delicious as well!

The Korean food that is booming in Japan is also on stage♡ Pick your favorite menu here♪ In the future, LE SHINER plans to gradually introduce new menus, so please pay attention to its official SNS and store!

How do you think? If you want to find food in Harajuku, it's better to go to the founding shop of rainbow cuisine, the LE SHINER! Because its main business is rainbow cuisine, this store has undoubtedly won the attention of the public?!

Harajuku “LE SHINER”

Business Hours: 11:00〜18:00(weekdays)
10:30〜19:00(weekends and holidays)
Fixed rest day: none
Hotline: 070-1361-8686