"One-day experience on pottery classroom! @Cafeyu"

"One-day experience on pottery classroom! @Cafeyu"

I have introduced to you the Cafeyu, a coffee shop where you can choose your favorite "utsuwa". And there is a pottery classroom on the 2 floor of this coffee shop, so I went there once!

Pick your favorite and enjoy yourself! Cafe YU

This time I experienced the "mould course of pottery"!


When making the appointment, I found I was the only one to reserve the daytime course, so this must be the one-on-one instruction. After discussing with the teacher, I decided to make the simplest utsuwa of cup!

The course needs to be reserved in advance
The experience cost shall be 500 yen and up, you can reserve it that day!

You need to take your own aprons and hairpins (for the experiencers with long hair)

You need to take your own aprons and hairpins (for the experiencers with long hair)

Let's get started.   Firstly, you will get a a wet towel and a large piece of clay You should divide the clay into four pieces like twisting a towel And shape such pieces of clay into four balls These are the looks of rounded clay Stick the largest piece of clay to the center of rokuro Then elongate the remaining three pieces of clay Stick such three pieces of clay to the edge of that largest clay one by one This is the look after sticking such three pieces of clay Adjust them with forefinger and thumb Adjust the thickness, softness and hardness of clay In order to keep the clay in moisture, they should be dripped a little of water on occasion Rotate the rokuro, while adjusting the shape of clay with forefinger, middle finger and ring finger Well done! I wanted to make a bear-shaped cup this time, so I used a stick to make ears Depict the bear's face with a bamboo stick (the shape of bear face came out) Various stamps can be used for those who are not good at painting, so I affixed one seal with pattern of sakura Finished!

After that, they will fire the well-made adobe and return it to you!
It will take about one and a half months to complete the firing!
You can go to the pottery classroom to get it back or request them to deliver it to you!

Go to classroom! Driver to you!

A month and a half later


This time I experienced the coffee shop + pottery classroom in Osaka
If you only want to experience the pottery classroom, you can find such classrooms all over the Japan!

The best thing is that the pottery teacher is very cordial and gentle! Even if you are not good at it, you also need to experience the pottery one time!

When you come to Japan, please be sure to bring "Wa" back!

Please click here to reserve a pottery classroom

One-day experience on pottery classroom! @Cafeyu

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I love 2.5-dimensional stage!

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