Collection! MAP of 2018 Japan Fireworks Festival (Hanabi)

Speaking of Japan's summer, nothing is more popular than the Fireworks Festival (Hanabi)! Then when will it be held? Where to watch it? Here, MDJ will answer these questions to you! This article provides you the venue for the 2018 Japan Fireworks Festival (Hanabi)!

From July to August, the Fireworks Festival (Hanabi) held throughout the Japan is beautifully colored and will decorate the summer night sky of Japan, as a national entertainment event, it is very popular in Japanese.

In order to get a good seat to watch the fireworks, you'd better arrive at the venue 1~2 hours earlier before the fireworks shot off.

The toilet around the shooting site will be very crowded, so you'd better go to the toilet before arriving at the watching site.

In order to raise a beautiful summer memory in the future, be sure to
come to Japan to visit the Fireworks Festival.

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