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Enjoy the coriander!“PHAKCHI BAR·GOLDEN BURNING”in Shibuya

Coriander, which is very popular in Thai and Vietnamese food, is also emerging in the Japanese cuisine! This time I have been to the "PHAKCHI BAR·GOLDEN BURNING", a shop can eat Japanese dishes of coriander in Tokyo!

The coriander is similar to garlic or vanilla, etc., it belongs to the vanilla family and is very popular among Thai and Vietnamese people. The coriander is rich in vitamins and has detoxifying abilities, so it is an ideal vegetable that people expect.

The unique aroma of coriander is well known. For example, the aroma of coriander is just like the "koris", its Greek etymology, choking like "stinkbug". But for Japanese, who love the foods with sharp odour such as "natto" ,"sashimi" and so on, are also like to eat coriander very much.

Then, I heard that the "PHAKCHI BAR·GOLDEN BURNING" in Shibuya, Tokyo, has this super popular food, coriander, so I've been there to experience it!

No matter which dishes have full of coriander! Here, you can enjoy specialty dishes based on coriander.

All the coriander here is planted in Japan. Even you the newcomers, you can enjoy it deliciously!

No one can stop the "Coriander Hot".Ice cream × coriander, the first time I've tried. But it is really worthy to eat!

What do you think? Whether you are a person who likes to eat coriander or who has no courage to try it, be sure to go to the "PHAKCHI BAR·GOLDEN BURNING" to taste their delicious coriander dishes and open the door to a new world.


Style: Thai, Vietnamese, etc.
Business Hours: noon/12:00~15:00(l.o.15:00)
Rest Day: Sunday
Reservation and Consultation: 050-5595-6076
Address: CENTRAL Dougenzaka 1F, 1-15-7,
Dogenzaka,Shibuya, Tokyo