Does your country also have Top Three? There are many Top Three in Japan, so we select carefully and provide you with some classical Top Three which may be well-known to all the people!

japan top three famous place miyagi kyoto hiroshima matsushima amanohashidate miyajima japan top three famous castle kumamoto hyogo nagano himeji matsumoto history tradition japan top three famous festival matsuri kyoto osaka tokyo gion tenjin kanda edo era festival matsuri japan top three famous hot spring oita shizuoka wakayama beppu atami  shirahama japan top three famous food delicacy dainty food delicacy dainty karasumi konowata uni  sea urchin salted entrails of the sea cucumber  dried mullet roe

What do you think? In Japan, there are many Top Three. Please be sure to try it as a pleasure to enjoy Japan!