When talking about Japan, people will think of attractions, food, culture ... and so many funny stuffs. However, the "earthquake" may strike Japan from time to time. Whether or not you have ever suffered an earthquake, I would like to introduce to you about the response options in the event of huge earthquake to reduce losses.

earuthquake japan human reaction magnitude seismic intensity

Indoor and outdoor response options〜when the earthquake occurs〜

earuthquake japan indoor refuge earuthquake japan indoor refuge earuthquake japan outdoor earuthquake japan inform sns radio TV application

After ensuring your own safety, please get the message through SNS or radio and television to understand the current situation. In addition, after the earthquake, the telephone line is mainly used for the notification of injured personnel, etc., in case of emergency, please try to reduce unnecessary calls. If you can confirm relevant information before traveling, you will feel at ease. Below, I bring together some websites that provide relevant information.

Introduction to website link


Earthquake Information

Information to Help When Disaster Prevention and Disaster-TOKYO international Communication committee

Safety tips-App

After the earthquake, the aftershocks may follow from its effect. The buildings may become fragile and will collapse more easily than usual, so please be careful.

earuthquake japan

What do you think? It must be different if you do learn about some relevant information or method in advance. If, by ill-luck, you may encounter an earthquake during your stay in Japan. In order to save your life, please be sure to do everything possible to play safely in Japan!

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