Special Features:The best 4 Recommended plan for enjoying Harajuku!

Special Features:The best 4 Recommended plan for enjoying Harajuku!

Harajuku is one of the area that produces a trend that represents Japan.
This article introduces plans to enjoy this area where there are many individualities.You will surely find a way to spend your time!!

① Spend a rainbow day
There are lots of cute and bright colors food and spots in Harajuku.
How about having a photogenic day to shoot a lot of photos around there.

① Three Times the Size of Your Head?! Huge and Colorful Cotton Candy!

② Fantastic rainbow cuisine! Harajuku “LE SHINER”

③ A Wonderland Inside a Monster! Enjoy a Fantastic Experience in the Kawaii Monster Cafe!

② Walk around Harajuku focusing on tapioca's drinking comparison
There are many stores of tapioca drinks in Harajuku.
There are characteristics of tapioca and black tea depending on the shop, even the same milk tea has different taste.Why don't you go looking for your favorite tapioca milk tea?

We Ranked 'Em! The Best Tapioca @ Harajuku

③ Go around the hidden sightseeing spots
There are many attractive spots that aren't well known in Harajuku.
It is a plan recommended for you who have fully enjoyed the famous spots of Harajuku.
There are many things you can do, feel Harajuku nature, walk in a fashionable street, touch an animal, take a break at a secret spot, make your own handmade squeeze!!

①~④ Not only Takeshita street! But also the Harajuku's hidden sightseeing spot!

⑤ The Heart of the Serpent-Loving Maiden

⑥ I Ate the Hot New Dessert Taste Sensation at "Anywhere Door" in Harajuku!

⑦ Soft and elastic♡Experience squishy making in Harajuku.

④ Enjoy fashion at Takeshita Street
Takeshita street has plenty of clothes shops and is crowded with fashionable people.
Why don't you enjoy shopping with reference to a fashionable person in Harajuku?

Harajuku Now! Street Corner Snap!①

Harajuku Now! Street Corner Snap!②

How is it? Please spend a wonderful day at Harajuku!