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Can't help but want to try! Understand the knowledge about sushi that will be good for you

The sushi is eaten with chopsticks or directly by hand? What is the tsukemono on the table when eating sushi? There must be the answers for these questions in the sushi restaurant. After reading this article, there is no doubt that you will know how to enjoy sushi better from tomorrow?!~

In this way, the rice grains of the sushi will not be scattered, and we can taste the ingredients well. The above process and eating bu hand don't violate the table manners of sushi. Of course, this method is equally applicable to chopsticks.

Ginger, which has been used as a medicine since ancient age, while combined with the bactericidal vinegar, it will come to the gari, not only makes the mouth fresh, but also has a variety of effects.

How do you like? In recent years, in addition to sushi, Japanese kaiten-zushi chain restaurants have taken great pains with other dishes! Whether you like sushi, or you are not very good at eating sushi,you can go to the sushi restaurant to have a taste with the knowledge learned from this article!