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Issues about popular omiyage 〜Part 1〜

There are many Japanese specialties that are widely known overseas. This time we have investigated some popular specialties and found the following stories!

If you ask about Tokyo's classic omiyage, most people will immediately think of "Tokyo Banana". But...

Why the Tokyo's representative object = banana?

That is because...speaking of Tokyo, people knows that Tokyo is a metropolis where is full of the people with different ages, different occupations and different personalities. In such a city...

By the way, it is said that Tokyo Banana is a girl.

Tokyo Hiyoko is a very cute chicked-shaped cake. When you come to Tokyo, you will be attracted by it and bring some back. But such a popular Tokyo Hiyoko...

And, in some kindergartens in Japan,

The Hato Sable is just a dove-shaped biscuit, the reason why it has become popular on Twitter in Japan is that...

Collecting everyone's ideas, it becomes like this↓ lol

What do you think? Then we will open the Part II of the Stories Behind the Popular Japanese Specialties, We hope you'll be looking forward to it!

Issues about popular omiyage 〜Part 2〜