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Ah, you only know Takeshita Street? Five "streets" you must know at Harajuku.

When go sightseeing in Tokyo, everyone wants to go to "Harajuku", but whether you think that after wandering at Takeshita Street, you have already learned all the Harajuku? In fact, there are other "streets" at Harajuku that crowded with people! If you can visit all these places, you can say you've definitely tasted all aspects of Harajuku♪

Are there any streets in the following that you know?

Let's look at them one by one in order!

Takeshita is a 350-meter-long street that definitely unmissable scenic spot at Harajuku. Takeshita is crowed with young people where food and fashion shops are placed closely side by side, and the shops settled in 1~2 years are also emerged in endlessly. But we can say that this is also the reason why Takeshita, the "cute" cultural cradle of Harajuku, has established its unbreakable status.

"Brahms Path" is parallel to the Takeshita and paved with red bricks, which is very like the quiet alley in the Europe. Although Takeshita is nearby, yet there are few people here and there is no noise, as though a incredible space. There are also some mature cafes and wedding venues here.

Ee, is it really next to Takeshita ...?! Because there are some places that are suitable for taking pictures, it is good to experience this path with the feeling of treasure hunt!

"Sando" is the road built to visit shrines or monasteries, and the "Omotesando Avenue" is actually the worshipping road for Meiji Jingu. After Japan's defeat in World War II, in order to build military facilities for the Yoyogi Park under the US military occupation, some shops for Americans were opened here. Just because of such past, many high-end brands overseas have set up branches here, which has made Omotesando a popular cutting edge of fashion.

The official name of "Cat Street" is “Kyu Shibuya-gawa Promenade”,which originally meant that it is a street with rivers passing by. Because "there are a lot of cats here", "small size like a cat's forehead", then the "Cat Street" became the nickname of this street, which is very popular among people.

Contrary to the high-end brand Omotesando, the development here is a kind of unique, retro, street style fashion.

"Meiji Street" almost makes a circuit around the Greater Tokyo Area, it is a ring street which can be seen out of Takeshita. There are various of shops of character goods, karaoke, izakaya, coffee, desserts, art fashion, sporting goods and so on in the Meiji Street of Harajuku!!! Although there is not much time, I want to have a good time at Harajuku! If you think so, you must definitely choose the Meiji Street!

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