Just come back from a taste of the mysterious Japanese style desserts that are only available at "Mikan Club" in Urasando Garden!

“The store is in a nostalgic style. It looks great!” “The decorations are so cute!”“How can they have so many different desserts?! I’ll have the Mitarashi Rice Dumpling Set, please.”  “I’ll have a cup of brown rice green tea (Genmaicha) and the Angel's Tear Drop Set, please.”“Sure. This is the brown rice green tea with domestic brown rice. Please enjoy.”  “It looks like the color of a gem...!”  “It is gorgeous!”“Sorry to make you wait. Here's the Mitarashi Rice Dumpling Set.”   SHICHIMI, plain sauce, peperoncino  “They have a rich variety of sauces!”(Cracking sound)    “The dumplings are expanding!”“The dumplings are hot and delicious~!” “The pepperoncino tastes interesting, but it goes well with the dumplings!”“A small shichirin is provided to roast the dumplings so the foreign visitors can better enjoy themselves.”“Wow~~! It is shaking like jelly, crystal clear and so beautiful...!!”  “To make the Angel’s Tear Drop looks better, we have also made great efforts on the presenting.”“Yummy! I’m walking on air!”  “Are you flying?!”    (Sound of wing flapping)

How do you like it?
You must try the Angel’s Tear Drop which is only available at Mikan Club!

味甘CLUB (Mikan Club)

1F Niban, Urasando Garden, 4-15-2 Jingumae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo

Business hours: 12:00 - 19:00 (L.O18:30)
Closed on Monday