In Japan, there are even more ""Shinto shrine / Jinja"" than convenience stores. Maybe everyone would like to take a photo of these solemn traditional Japanese Shinto shrines.
However, it is a great pity if that’s all you do! It is said that if you visit a Shinto shrine and pray in person, good things will happen to you. And the good fortune varies in different types according to the Shinto shrine you visit!
Now read this article and find a Shinto shrine that matches with your wishes!

It’s okay!
Shinto is a religion naturally born from Japanese customs and traditions in ancient times and there are no scriptures or guru. Therefore, there’s no strict regulation in this religion and it is quite tolerant to other religions or people of no religion. You can stop by and visit a Shinto shrine at ease even when go sightseeing.

When people pray to gods for a variety of reasons, they usually say “I will work hard, please help with my wishes"". And some of them really get the power to fulfill their wishes from the gods. This is called ""God’s grace"".

But gods also differs in type of relevant wishes, so it is more effective to take this into consideration and visit the certain Shinto shrine.

Just as the name suggests, wealth is about the luck of money. It is said that good things about money will happen to people with fortune of wealth, such as win a lottery and get a salary increases.

Osaki Ebisu Shrine is dedicated to the famous Japanese god of wealth, Ebisu, who can help with fortune of wealth. Since a few years ago, people who visited this place have won huge lottery in succession and it has become a topic of the moment.

Love can be different. Shinto shrines are often regarded as a place to meet the one. Those who want to be closer to someone they care about must have a look at the information below.

Izumo Taisha is with the largest main hall in Japan. It is very famous as a sacred shrine. It is said that gods here will offer grace in relationship, friendship and all kinds of predestination.

In Japan, before taking exams people will go to Shinto shrines and pray for passing the exam. If you want to improve your academic ability and pass the exam, you should pray to the gods of study.

Yushima Tenman-gū is close to many well-known Japanese universities such as the University of Tokyo. In fact, I have also benefited from the god of study here and passed the college entrance examination.

How do you like it?
This time only a few Shinto shrines are introduced. Praying to the gods probably means that people really have a lot of troubles. It is up to you whether you believe or not. It will be great if this article can be used as a reference for your visit to Shinto shrines.♪

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