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Working Holiday in Japan! Ep4 〜Working in a Restaurant〜

Working Holiday in Japan! Ep3 〜Finally coming the interview〜

After a part-time job application and interview, this time we will finally start work! Speaking of the most common part-time job in Japan for foreigners, they are nothing more than the restaurant, the coffee shop, the convenience store, the supermarket, or the duty-free shop. Yes! Then what are the actual work contents and the things need to be paid attention in Japan? Next, I will give you an in-depth introduction according to different types of shops. The first is the restaurant article!

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In addition to receiving guests, sometimes you need to make drinks and prepare the salads and tsukemono matched the set.


The above is the basic work contents when doing the part-time job in a Japanese restaurant. The work contents will be different when working in different shops, others common work include cleaning, arranging seats, washing dishes,explaining menus or store activity rules (for buffet or self-help drinks etc.)to customers and so on.

In order to be able to give customers 120% satisfaction, some restaurants may strictly require you to be careful for everything. But this may be a good opportunity for you to experience the hospitality of Japan!

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