120% refreshed feeling! Shimanami Kaido Bicycle Touring

120% refreshed feeling! Shimanami Kaido Bicycle Touring

"Shimanami Kaido"is known as the sacred place for bicycle lovers all over the world, which is a 70km lane connects Onomichi City, Hiroshima Prefecture and Imabari City, Ehime Prefecture, people can enjoy the round-the-island tour by bicycles.

"Shimanami Kaido" stretches across several islands in Seto Inland Sea, where people can look at the beautiful sea while riding,as if they have forgotten all the troubles and unhappiness. Even if you are a new learner has no your own exclusive sports bicycle, you can also ride at the Shimanami Kaido easily and happily. Here are some information about the Shimanami Kaido I'd like to introduce to you.

Firstly you need to rent a bicycle!

There are several bicycle rental site in Onomichi City, of which the municipal rental site has more bicycles for choice, and the price is reasonable, so I recommend such site to everyone!

By the way. . . although I am a newcomer, yet I still like to choose the road bike I wanted in the GIANT Store!

Keng-Keng!  I've always wanted to ride this bicycle!  ...is that OK...?

Bicycle beginners can also be assured! The staff will patiently and carefully teach you how to adjust the seat, change the tires or gears, etc.

It's easier than imagined!  Heavier→press the brake lever on both sides inward  Lighter→only need to press the shift lever inward change the tires change the gears how to adjust the seat Wear your helmet,get ready to start off!  OK-!  The destination is Imabari City about 70km from here! Come on, set off!

Take the "Onomichi - Mukaishima" ferry not far from the bicycle rental site.

The ferry runs every 12 minutes, 100 yen per adult and 10 yen per bicycle, so it will cost you 110 yen in total. Please prepare the change in advance.

It will only take 5 minutes to reach Mukaishima by ferry, you can begin to ride from here!


It is approximately 70km to the Imabari City, you will go through six islands, Mukaishima~Innoshima~Ikuchijima~Omishima~Hakatajima~Oshima

Innoshima Bridge, Ikuchi Bridge, Tatara Bridge, Hakata-Oshima Bridge, Omishima Bridge, Kurushima Kaikyo Bridge

Because there are blue guidelines on the road, you don't need to worry about getting lost! And there are some guideposts indicating how many kilometers are left to Imabari so that you can make clear the riding target!
There are a total of six bridges among the islands, the beautiful seascape will leap to the eyes from every bridge.


However, these bridges are all almost bridged on the mountain, although the lane is the relatively gentle ramp way, yet you still need to paw forward gingerly...!


Innoshima is famous for the base of Murakami clan of Innoshima, a pirate family which was active in the Middle Ages
The view from the Innoshima Suigunjyo is absolutely the human superb scenery!

Because the Innoshima Suigunjyo is located in a higher place, you may feel very tired riding a bicycle!

Holy land for bicyclist
After riding across the Tatara Bridge, you will find a monument written the words "サイクリストの聖地 (Bicyclist's Holy Land)" at Michi-no-Eki Tatara Shimanami Park.

Kurushima Kaikyo Bridge, the last bridge!
I like the scenery most that lookout from this bridge!
Wide ocean and tiny myself!
No matter what kind of troubles, you can leave it behind.

It is the largest and longest bridge among these six bridges, and you can reach the end soon after riding here! Make a push!

How do you feel?
I lived in Imabari for a night, and rode back 70km the next day.
But, because this is the first time I challenged the road cycling, and I had not wear the special cycling shorts, my ass was very pain:))))

designated Pant!

"If you can not go on riding....you can take the ferry back in the middle of journey."
You bicyclists should encourage each other while riding at your own pace!
Please be sure to feel the taste of cycling in "Shimanami Kaido".

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I love 2.5-dimensional stage!

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