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Issues about popular omiyage 〜Part 2〜

Issues about popular omiyage 〜Part 1〜

After the introduction of First Part, now I will talk to you the Second Part of Popular Omiyage! Different from the omiyage with a slightly higher price I introduced to you last time, this time I want to introduce you the omiyage that is both easily available in convenience stores and is very popular among tourists!

omiyage chicken ramen nissin egg omiyage chicken ramen nissin egg

Chicken Ramen is a kind of instant noodles produced by the Nissin Group (a large Japanese cup noodle company) that even has a high popularity overseas. Then what is exactly the "EGG POCKET" of "Let's EGG POCKET" printed on its outer packaging?

omiyage chicken ramen nissin egg

If you look closely, you will find a concave part on the bread of the instant noodle, which is a design for the raw egg better placed. The official method for Chicken Ramen is as follows:

omiyage chicken ramen nissin egg

For official method and video for Chicken Ramen, please click here!

Chicken Ramen is the worldwide first ready-to-eat instant noodle born in 1958, and this year (2018) it will turn 60 years old, so now you can buy a special edition!

omiyage chicken ramen nissin egg 60th anniversary

If you have plans to come to Japan, please be sure not to miss the opportunity to buy these special edition Chicken Ramen!
Of course, you can also eat the "Let's EGG POCKET" of the regular version of the Chicken Ramen!

Then, please look forward to the Third Part of Popular Omiyage!