Let's travel around the world with Yuko! In this column, Yuko will introduce to you the national costume world wild. Unconsciously, this column has been written for a year. What do you think of the ASEAN series traditional clothing written by Yuko? At the end of this series, let's review the costumes of each country!

#7 Indonesia

In the latter part of ASEAN review, the first on stage is the Indonesian national costumes worn by Yuko and Ron. The costumes using rich color-changing fabrics and gorgeous lace make Yuko feel like "Kompeito is inlaid in the body!". Orangutan and jasmine deduct the unique customs of Indonesia.

#8 Brunei

Next is the Bruneian national costumes. In Brunei part, Yuko and Ron challenged the production of custom-made clothing! It was said that Yuko and Ron also seemed to be satisfied with their own Brunei clothing. Kingfisher and Rhododendron Kangdingense, their national flower, deduct the unique customs of Brunei.

#9 Cambodia

When mention Cambodia, people will think of the Angkor Wat, a very famous World Cultural Heritage, which is a place that people always want to go. The "Krorma", which can be wrapped around the head as a headscarf, or tied around the waist as sarong, is a kind of suitable gift to present to friends. Batagur affinis and Rumdul, their national flower, deduct the unique customs of Cambodia.

#10 Laos

In Laos, gorgeous national costumes are also worn as the uniforms of Laotian flight attendants. Yuko was very panting for Blue Hawaiian Ice when she saw the blue Sinh worn by Laotian stewardesses. Butterfly and Dok Champa deduct the unique customs of Laos.

#11 Myanmar

In Burma Part, Yuko and Ron turned into the Burmese students. In Burma, their national costumes are also used as student uniforms, such uniforms are usually the white blouse with green Longyi, so Yuko thought of chimaki when she saw these costumes. Tiger and Burma coast padauk deduct the unique customs of Burma.

#12 China

When talking about China, people will will think of cheongsam, while China has a national costume with much long history - Hanfu.

Compared with the function, Hanfu pays more attention to the beauty, from which we can feel the elegant culture and history of Chinese dynasties. Such light clothing also made Yuko think of the soft marshmallows. Panda and peony deduct the unique customs of China.

After reading 12 parts of ASEAN traditional national costumes series, are you satisfied with them? No matter which kind of national costume has its long history, and has been passed down to the present preciously. If you can appreciate and try on such costumes when feeling their different history backgrounds, you may have different feelings.

Although some national traditional costumes are rarely found and worn today, yet I believe they will not disappear even in the future, because I think that every nationality will cherish their own culture. If you are interested, you can look back those 12 parts of specific articles I have written in the past!

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Next time, Yuko will start a brand new series! Stay tuned!

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