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Working Holiday in Japan! Ep5 〜Working in a Cafe / Maid Cafe〜

Working Holiday in Japan! Ep4 〜Working in a Restaurant〜

Working in a cafe is also a catering job just as working in a restaurant that introduced before, but what is the difference in the specific work duties? What is it like to work in a Japanese cafe?

Generally there are 3 types of positions in chain cafes:

cafe coffee work waitress

The key responsibility of staffs at the checkout counter is taking customers' orders → collecting money → delivering drinks and foods.

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The job of staffs in charge of foods is to make drinks and prepare light meals.

clean wash

The job of cleaning is to wash all the cups and dishes used by the customers.

These are roughly the job duties in chain cafes. Because it is easier to make drinks and light meals, working in a cafe may make people feel a little easier than in a restaurant. If you like coffee and want to make a drink, you must take the challenge!

In addition! For those who have confidence in their Japanese and want to experience Japanese pop culture, it is also a choice to work in a maid cafe!

cafe coffee work maid

To put it simply, in a maid cafe the staffs dress up as maids and try their best to make the customers happy. Therefore, when working in a maid cafe you must use specific terms when serving customers.

cafe coffee work maid cafe coffee work maid omelette rice

In order to make the lord / lady happy, it is a must to have conversational ability of Japanese in maid cafes! Another hard part is getting familiar with the role itself.

The maids are not just dressed as a maid, but each of them has their own personality. For example:

cafe coffee work maid japan manga

It is the biggest challenge for maids to use their personality and make customers happy. You who are interested in Japanese pop culture must have a try!