fujisan mtfuji fuji sakasa fuji japan 5-lakes yamanashi

Five beautiful scenery of Mt.Fuji

Mt.Fuji is a representative mountain in Japan. Countless visitors come to Japan to enjoy the beauty of Mt.Fuji. Then, do you know the following "○○ Fuji" in Japan?

1. Sakasa Fuji

fujisan mtfuji fuji sakasa fuji japan

The scene that the Mt.Fuji is reflected on the surface of the water which is like a mirror is called "Sakasa Fuji".

Under these conditions, the Sakasa Fuji will appear in the sunrise, evening or late night. As long as the conditions are met, the Sakasa Fuji can be found in the lake around Mt.Fuji.

fujisan mtfuji fuji sakasa fuji japan five-lakes

2. Aka Fuji and Beni Fuji

fujisan mtfuji fuji aka fuji  red fuji japan

"Aka Fuji" mainly refers to the phenomenon that Mt.Fuji is dyed red by the sun in the early morning from late summer to early autumn (July to September).

fujisan mtfuji fuji beni fuji  red fuji japan

In contrast, "Beni Fuji" means the Mt.Fuji which is reflected by the rising sun in the snow cover of winter (January to early March).

The conditions are quite demanding, and such scene can only appear in the several minutes of morning, so people who can see it is quite lucky.
The recommended viewing location is Lake Yamanakako (Shinsui Park or Hirano)!

It is said that the Aka Fuji and Beni Fuji can also be found in a hotel called "Hotel Mt. Fuji" around Lake Yamanakako, if you are interesting in it, be sure to go there!

3. Diamond Fuji

fujisan mtfuji fuji diamond fuji japan sun

The scene of shining like a diamond at the moment when the Mt.Fuji peak coincides with sun is called "Diamond Fuji".

When take a overlook at the east side of Mt.Fuji, it will coincide with the sun at sunset; but when take a overlook at the west side of Mt.Fuji, it will coincide with the sun at sunrise. So according to the perspective of sun, the location where can see the Diamond Fuji will also be changing.

Looking out at Lake Yamanakako (at sunset)

Looking out at Tanuki Lake(at sunrise)

The Diamond Fuji only can be seen two times in one year at Lake Tanukiko, which is a popular location to look out the Mt.Fuji, that is, one week right around April 24 and August 20. The specific viewing time in April and August shall be around 6 am, about one hour after sunrise.

Looking out in Tokyo / Saitama / Chiba / Kanagawa (at sunset)

4. Pearl Fuji

fujisan mtfuji fuji pearl fuji japan moon

The moment when the Mt.Fuji peak coincides with full moon, but not the sun, is called "Pearl Fuji". Compared with Diamond Fuji, Pearl Fuji gives people a soft and mysterious impression.

Because Pearl Fuji can only be seen on the full moon day of November to January, it is a very precious scene. The recommended viewing location is Lake Yamanakako.

5. Kodaki Fuji

fujisan mtfuji fuji kodaki fuji japan lake shojiko

"Kodaki Fuji" means that if overlooking the Mt.Fuji from Tategohama at the shore of Lake Shojiko, the Mt.Fuji will coincide with Mt.Omuroyama, a hill in front of it, which look like the Mt.Fuji holds a baby.

There are many opportunities to enjoy Kodaki Fuji overlooking from Lake Shojiko, the best place to take photos of Sakasa Fuji!

Because of the different conditions of weather and time, we can't guarantee that you will see these scenes when you come to Tokyo, but we will prey from the bottom of your heart that you can meet these wonderful scenery of Mt.Fuji.