The Harajuku lockers are in these places!  Locker MAP@Harajuku for visitors

The Harajuku lockers are in these places! Locker MAP@Harajuku for visitors

"""Here is Harajuku~!""  ""The first we should do is to deposit these underfoot luggage...""  ""We have to put them in lockers!""  @lockers in the station  ""It's full!""  ""We can't put them here! All have been full! What shall we do?!""  ""In this case, there are lockers outside the ticket gate, what about save them there!""" """Here,here!""  ""?""" ■If Harajuku is not OK, don't give up! The luggage can be stored in the lockers at Meijiijinguumae Station.

The number of lockers installed at the Meijiijinguumae Station is the most in the entire Harajuku area.

Out of the Omotesando Exit of JR Harajuku Station, there will be a passage to the underground until you go straight down the stairs  go down the stairs  Go straight ahead and the lockers are installed inside the shoe repair shop.  ※If getting out from the platform of Chiyoda Line, walking through the 1st,2nd,3rd ticket gates, and turning right at the right channel, you will find the lockers are just on the left side of the ATM・shoe repair shop.  "Oh! There are so many lockers here! And full size!"  "Since there are some empty, let's put our luggage in!"

There are other two places with lockers at the Meijiijinguumae Station.

"OK! The luggage is already stored, let's go shopping crazy~!"  "Yeah! If you come to Harajuku, you may go to Takeshita Street!"    A few hours later...    Mountains of goods  "So much..."  "Then I also want to eat pancake...but our lockers are so far from here... "    "What about store the things we just bought in the lockers near Takeshita!"  ■If you buy goods in quantity, we recommend the lockers here!

COIN LOCKER at Takeshita
Walk out from the Takeshita, JR Harajuku
when getting to Takeshita, you'll find the lockers are just on your right hand side.
In addition to the large, medium and small sizes, there are also extra large lockers.

Walk out from the Takeshita, JR Harajuku. Right hand side In front of DAISO. "Don't forget to take them back when you go back!"

In addition, there are other two places with lockers at Takeshita.

Pancake shop  Wow〜〜〜〜〜!  "Good, good~"  "Because the luggage has been stored in advance, feeling light-free regardless of the queue or taking a seat! "    "I didn't expect that there are so many lockers in Harajuku!"  "There are so many lockers when checking the web! Fortunately, check them out~ very thanks to such information"    "Okay! Go on shopping~~~!"  "Ah?! Go on?!"

If you know the location of lockers at Harajuku in advance, it will be much smoother whether you travel or shop.

Please take advantage of these lockers to enjoy your travel and shopping in Japan!

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