Want to have a fun Halloween in Japan, but you must be bored with the same costume... Here are some of classic Japanese monster costumes for Halloween! These necessary costumes are sold very well because of their high popularity! If dressing up in a different way than usual, you will definitely be more eye-catching than your friends!

Fox demon is a traditional monster that has long been legendary in Japan and other parts of Asia, they transform themselves into human shapes and tease humans. Fox demon can often be found in Japanese anime and comics, so they are very popular.

In Japan, there have been legends that cats can change into monsters since ancient times. Cats and monsters that appear in monster comics or games are also inseparable. Because the cat demon is very cute, I recommend this dress to you☆

"Ogre" and the horned demon are completely different Japanese monsters. It is a terrible monster to torture sinner in the underworld.

Speaking of Japanese cosplay, the most classic must be the cute witch in red and white clothing! With a little slimy blood, the feeling of Halloween will come out, wonderful!

Ochimusha shall be a defeated warrior that fled the enemy.
samurai×halloween, the bedraggled and ragged ochimusha shall be a fancy dress!

What do you think? The halloween is standing in front of you! Dress up the Japanese costume which is different as usual to participate in the halloween event! I have a hunch that you will be a high-profile☆ If you have a dress that you want to try, please share it with your friends on SNS ☆