cocktail inspired by characters you like!?CafeBarKirin~part2~

cocktail inspired by characters you like!?CafeBarKirin~part2~

"■ Feature 2  You can enjoy cosplay here.    This is an especially perfect place to cosplay characters who like to drink!  Yes!  In addition, if you get permission from other guests, it is possible to check out the bar's website to see what other cosplay appointments are made today!  Ah! In that case, I can make an appointment to fit the schedule and meet different characters. This is awesome!" "The process of cosplay    You can make an appointment for cosplay after 8.15 p.m. (In the case of S Plan, appointments are only available on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.  ※ If you want to do cosplay, as you need to change clothes, even in the case of S Plan it won't start until 8 p.m.)    Book online  ・Cosplay or not ・Works and characters ・Whether to share your cosplay schedule on the website, please fill in the details in this column. ↓ Arrive at the bar at the appointed time. Change clothes in the dressing room in bar. There’s also a dressing table for making up and dressing up. Many of the bar staffs are stylish guys. Can they also participate in cosplay…? Bartenders are usually in black uniform, but if there’s a request from the customer, they will try to meet it! It is said that many of the bar staffs used to be cosplayers! I see!"

How do you like it? A Bar with a new feeling where you can get character inspired cocktail and enjoy cosplay as well! Customers here come from different countries! Although the bar staffs speak Japanese only, would you like to infuse your love for the character into the cocktail?

The snacks are delicate and delicious. Just what I like~    The snacks are also handmade!

You must come and visit Cafe Bar Kirin!

Cafe Bar Kirin

3min from Nishiogikubo-station

Weekday : 〜02:00
Friday&Saturday : 〜04:00
Sunday : 〜00:00

Regular holiday : Tuesday、Wednesday

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I love 2.5-dimensional stage!

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