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Make your charm stand out to the utmost extent! Skills for Japanese nude makeup [latter part]

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Continued from the preceding paragraph, this time I'd like to introduce to you the skills for "nude makeup", Japan's mainstream popular makeup! Such makeup can make you look even more cute! Let's make your own charm stand out to the utmost extent♪

After clipping the curl lashes, then apply the mascara, next to deal with the eyebrows! In order to give others a feeling of affinity and cuteness, you can draw a parallel eyebrow whose shape is not too thin!

The head of brows shall be bloomed by the brow powder, and the tip of brows shall be drawn with eyebrow pencil to control the changes of eyebrows.

It should be like this on the whole! Compared with the previous impression, it will be more intimate and softer!

Firstly, put a large piece of light blusher on the cheek, then gently sweep outside from the center of the cheekbone (the place with heaviest color), the color shall be gradually fade. In this way, the flush on the cheeks suddenly blooms, showing a healthy and playful impression!

Like the cheeks, the lips shall be applied from the center to the outside, so that the good complexion will suddenly appear! Compared with the balanced painting, the makeup which focus the hot spots looks more natural!

The next step is to apply highlighter powder and shadow powder.

After performing such a makeup operation, your face will present the effect of highlight and shadow, through the illusion of color, your face will look more smaller!

Wear the contact lens fits the color of your eyes before makeup. The contact lens a little bigger than the naked eyes usually look more cute! Try to find your favorite contact lens.

What do you think? Without special cosmetics or techniques, you can make such a big change! You can also take such makeup as your target! Originally a beauty♪