Why the torii of shrine is red? Two tips about shrine that the Japanese do not know!

The shrine is the place where the Japanese gods are worshipped, while the torii standing at the shrine represents the entrance to the dog domain. But why most torii are red? In addition, why some torii are set on the sea or on the lake? Next let's take a look at the mystery of the torii that the Japanese don't quite know.

The torii is originally white!

There are also many white torii around Japan, such as Ise Jingu, Izumo Taisha Shrine and so on. Originally, the torii was dominated by white with a sacred meaning.

In Japan, red has represented fire and sun since ancient times, which is considered to be the color that can bring life and energy or resist disaster. The use of red for the torii means that there is an enchantment in the god domain that cannot be invaded by evil spirits.

Once upon a time, the Japanese regarded the sea, rivers, mountains, waterfalls, forests, trees, and big stones as the spiritual being where the gods reside, so people began to built torii in such places, and soon they started to built shrine in the place where the tori was located.

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