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【Made in Japan】I want one! The Japanese kitchen knife that inherits the DNA of Japanese sword

What kind of kitchen knife are you using now? As a Japanese specialty, the very popular "Japanese kitchen knife" is actually the product of the development of knife smelting technology. If you have a good kitchen knife, it will be much easier to do the cooking in daily life and you will be in a good mood as well. Now let me introduce the charm of this "Japanese kitchen knife" to you.

The advantage of Japanese kitchen knife is that it is very "sharp", and with little force the ingredients can be cut apart right off. Actually, the Japanese kitchen knife is sharper than Japanese sword, do you know this?

Because of the issuing of the sword ban (Haitourei) mentioned above, the bladesmith began to make cutting tools for daily life such as kitchen knife and sickle. The smelting skills and technology of Japanese sword create the high quality kitchen knife today.

The "mon" appearing on Japanese kitchen knife is the same as that on Japanese sword

Here are some carefully selected kinds of Japanese kitchen knife suitable for everyday use

After the Meiji restoration, the Japanese began to eat meat imported from abroad. Santoku knife is a kind of Japanese kitchen knife with functions and properties of both Japanese vegetable knife and western butcher's knife. If it is your first time to buy a kitchen knife, Santoku knife is recommended.

The blade of Funayuki Knife is sharper than that of Santoku knife. It can be used to cut fish and is also suitable for cutting meat and vegetables.

Japanese kitchen knife is made of ordinary steel and is characterized by being sharper than any other materials. But kitchen knife made of this kind of material tends to rust easily, so it needs to be taken care of frequently.

Stainless steel is a fairly popular material. Kitchen knife made of this kind of material doesn't tend to rust easily and is easy to be taken care of, but it is not as sharp as that made of steel.

"Kappabashi Dougu Street" is located in Asakusa. Besides kitchen utensils such as kitchen knife, there are also some of the best utensils across Japan. There are many kitchen knife specialty shops, so if you want to buy a kitchen knife in Tokyo, this place is recommended.

What do you think of the world of Japanese kitchen knife? A Japanese kitchen knife can be used for a long time, and the more you use the more comfortable you feel. How about finding a nice kitchen knife after your heart as well?