"Hahahahaha~ Must push it today..." "Which dimension are you pushing now? Then have you sink in the 2-dimensional game character? And now turn to 3-dimension?" "No! It is 2.5-dimension!" " 2.5!?But not 2 or 3? Where is 2.5-dimension?!"

2.5-dimension stage refers to move the 2-dimensional world in comics, anime, and games to the 3-dimensional stage for live performance. As the author of this article, I am now falling into this! Here are five great charms that are extremely simplified to the 2.5-dimension!

① The 2-dimensional characters are just living in front of you.    "Not long ago, the 2-dimension works that I like were staged! Firstly I undoubtedly thought that it is because of these 2-dimension that these characters have charms~! However, under the persuasion of 2.5-dimensional fans, I watched them with disapproving attitude...! "  "Then you sank..."  "Yeah...these 2-dimensional characters are just living in front of you?! The gentle smile! The funny tsukkomi! And the embarrassing look! They are just before your eyes, the various expressions of the characters keep changing?! It’s amazing if people do not sink!"  "Oh, that's that..."

The 2.5-dimensional stage is not only to completely return to the hairstyle of the 2-dimensional characters, even the costumes of characters and the color of eyes will be fully reproduced on the real stage, as well as the sound of characters and the way they speak.

The dialogue among the characters and the actions of the protagonists or supportings are all expressed in conjunction with the characters themselves. Different from the 2-dimension that only can watch certain expressions, the 2.5-dimension allows you to watch a variety of changeful expressions, and that's where it comes from!

②Wonderful in-depth production of world view    "And the important parts of the story or plot that we have read can be completely reproduced in a short stage drama!"  "For the previous stage drama, although I am a director, yet the actors would still look up here to communicate from time to time...every member of the team would resort to the director for their performance confusion, so it is great to make in-depth production."  "And at the end of the scene, although it’s very tiring for the actors to interact with the audience...yet the atmosphere is very good, and everyone has eye contact and communication..."  "Eye contact is your illusion."  "No! It's true!"  "OK" ③ Backstage    "When the public performance begins, the previous snapped photos will be announced on Twitter."  "But on Twitter and blogs, you will find the actors who are fully integrated into the characters and their love to the characters, then you will identify with them and cry..."  "It looks like you can't stop crying."  "If you want to know the reality, you should find out the behind-the-scenes story of the DVD! Through watching the practice scene inside, you will know how the actors play the roles through twists and turns, that's wonderful!"  The next will be on December 4th! Such strong emotion can not be over only once!

You'll feel you are on the stage, and you will be proud of such stage! The world of comics, anime, and games are just flying into reality like this, and such performance is the charm of 2.5-dimension!

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I love 2.5-dimensional stage!

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