In December the smell of Christmas is getting stronger, and I really want to go to see beautiful colorful lights on Christmas day! Are there many people who have this idea? Once in a blue moon, you must prefer going to places that can leave you a special memory, right? In this article we will introduce to you some super popular lighting attractions in the outskirts of Tokyo♪

Lighting date: 2018/10/27(Sat) ~ 2019/2/5(Tue)
Lighting time: 16:30 ~ 21:00 (lighting until 21:30 during weekends and holidays)
Closed on: 2018/12/31(Mon)
Admission fee: 【Night ticket】 Entry after 15:30: Adults 900 yen · Children 500 yen

As one of the largest lighting decorations in Eastern Japan, 4.5 million lights are shining like the flower of lights! Wisteria, rose and water lily of lights enhance each others' beauty. Among them the mysterious and giant wisteria shed “Large Wisteria Miracle” is definitely a must see in this winter!

Lighting date: 2018/11/1(Thu) ~ 2019/4/7(Sun)
Lighting time: 16:45 ~ 20:00 (Last entry 19:30)

Here, Goslar, a mining town in Germany, is taken as the prototype, and the world of illuminations made up of 2.5 million lights displayed in front of you once passing through the gate is the most fantastic. This time with "desire" as the key word, in the scenic area there are Phoenix, Power Stone, Witch and other different scenic spots with magic power. No matter which one you visit, it is large and worth a look!

Lighting date: 2018/10/11 (Thu) ~ 2019/2/17 (Sun)
※ Closed on: 2019/1/15 (Tue) ~ 17 (Thu), 1/21 (Mon) ~ 24 (Thu)
Lighting time: 16:00~20:30
Admission fee: Night ticket (normal) Adults 1400 yen・Children 700 yen Night Pass Adults 2400 yen・Children 1400 yen With 5 million lights,

the most magnificent gem light sea in Tokyo is right before your eyes. Here you can find a big ferris wheel and water show, and it is a night amusement park full of highlights. Among them, the 25-meter-high "Jewelry Mountain" made up of lights inspired by the image of Matterhorn is one of the attractions!

Lighting date: 2018/11/23(Fri) ~ 12/25(Tue)
Lighting time: 16:00 ~ 21:00
16:00 ~ 22:00 during 12/15(Sat) ~ 25(Tue)

The event which takes the Christmas market originated in Germany as the prototype will be in the theme of Aachen this year, an ancient capital of Germany. A 3-meter-high Printen doll same as that made in Germany will be displayed at the entrance of the market! In the market there are many stalls side by side, so you can take a walk and grab some food while enjoying the lights.

On the annual Christmas, you might as well be surrounded by dreamlike lights and spend a special time♪