Reason for addiction! Five great charms of 2.5-dimensional stage!~part2~

Reason for addiction! Five great charms of 2.5-dimensional stage!~Part1~

At first, their lines are blunt and unnatural, but later they can change their impromptu lines one day. . .
Because they are growing every day, or every day show and evening performance...

The newcomer showed a completely different (progressive) acting on the first day of the show and the closing performance. He had already been very great at the beginning, and later his show was getting better and better.

The actors who did their best to perform were thoroughly digested in the final impromptu lines (and and take impromptu performances).Witnessing the outstanding growth of newcomers is also the charm of 2.5-dimension. After all, everyone likes little fresh meat who is working hard!

You can take part in various events such as conversation with the characters, high-five meeting, farewell party after the performance, etc. At the press conference of DVD, you will also know the secrets and behind-the-scenes stories of the actors.

What do you think? To say the charm of 2.5-dimension, 100 is not enough, but if it is necessary, simply summarize the above five points.

If you have a little interest in this, please be sure to set foot on the world of 2.5-dimensional stage. I am waiting for you in the 2.5-dimensional swamp.

I'll catch you, never let you go!