Have you heard of the word "Yamato Nadeshiko"? This is a word people used from ancient times to take Nadeshiko (a kind of flower) as a metaphor for the beauty of Japanese women. But do you properly understand what kind of women it refers to? Read this article to get the meaning of it correctly and try to use it when praising women!

Yamato Nadeshiko

Although Yamato Nadeshiko refers to women being cautious and restrained, inconspicuous and without strong self-assertion at ordinary times, they have essential education, etiquette and character and in an emergency they can help men to guard the family with a strong side.

Yamato Nadeshiko

Like Yamato Nadeshiko, this is an expression using flowers as metaphors for the postures and behaviors of beautiful women.

Once in Japan, normally men took care of women and children who were weaker than themselves and women were sheltered and supported by such men. But for now, a number of people think that this idea is anachronism.

Even from all over the world, it is the trend of the times that the status of women is stronger than that of men.The connotation of language can also change along with the times.

Strong and independent women... Maybe the day will come that such women being called as Yamato Nadeshiko!

A Japanese flower? Just who is the yamato nadeshiko that often appears in Japanese anime and manga?

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