ice creams Special episode: Winter is even a better time to have ice creams!

Special episode: Winter is even a better time to have ice creams!

Do you think ice creams are something eaten only in hot summer?
In fact, there are ice creams that can be eaten in cold winter and called "winter ice creams" in general, which are quite popular in Japan in recent years.

Therefore, this time we will introduce to you four ice cream shops near Harajuku that you can have ice creams in this season.

In winter, the thick and smooth ice creams may taste better than the light and refreshing ones.
Sesame ice creams,"GOMA ice" made from a lot of sesame match winter best.


"GOMAYA KUKI", a speciality store sells sesame ice cream which is the world's most flavorful !?

The unmelting ice cream, "Kanazawa Ice", will not melt even if you eat slowly under a kotatsu or in a heated room.
This is recommended to those who want to try some incredible ice creams.

Kanazawa Ice

Won't such ice cream melt?! Kanazawa Ice!

In winter there are a lot of things in the street like illuminations that are suitable for taking beautiful pictures and post on Instagram.
At these ice cream shops, you can take Instagram photos definitely no worse than these and enjoy the ice creams that you shouldn't miss.

Rainbow Ice

Fantastic rainbow cuisine! Harajuku “LE SHINER”

Photogenic Ice

You can make an ice cream here and post nice photos on Instagram to the world! 【Eddy's Ice Cream】

In this article we have introduced to you the summer ice cream item "Shirokuma Ice", while in winter (in this shop) you can get ice creams with strong taste!
You can also have a try and compare different feelings of eating ice creams in summer and winter.

Shirokuma Ice

So Cute You Can't Eat It! Instagrammable Japanese Ice Cream

Do you want to eat some ice creams now?
In winter it is suggested to have ice creams as dessert after eating some warm foods.
Please come and try a variety of different ice creams!

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