"Tokyo" is a large city representing Japan, where many tourists visit and full of vitality every day. Regardless of whether you are coming to Tokyo for the first time, be sure to think about the super king area in Tokyo, maybe you will make a new discovery. Please click here to see

"Tokyo Tourist Area【Part I】"

Ginza- a stylish commercial district in clothing, foods and streets, here, high-end famous brands are everywhere, even the pedestrians always give people a sense of fashion personality. If you want to buy some good things comfortably and leisurely, I recommend you to go here.

Ueno Zoo has been popular once again because of the giant panda, "Xiangxiang". Around Ueno, there are as many as seven art galleries and museums gathered in this area, as well as Ameyoko, where is a collection of more than 400 stores of fresh, processing foods, snacks, and clothes. So please explore Ueno in the way you like.

Akihabara is widely known as a holy land for otaku such as anime, manga, and maid cafes, but there are actually many shops that sell electrical products. Not only ordinary household appliances that are commonplace in daily life, but even niche goods that are very difficult to buy, you can also find them here.

Odaiba is an area for offshore fort constructed by Edo Bakufu in order to prevent foreign ships from invading. Nowadays, it has become an area where amusement parks gathered, such as amusement parks, aquariums and shopping malls etc. If you come to Odaiba, don't forget to take a photo with the replica of the Statue of Liberty presented by the city of Paris!

Here is Tokyo! We have introduced the Tokyo tourist area that you should not miss in the first and second chapters, we wish they can become your tourist handbook? If our introduction is perfect, please share the Tokyo area where you want to go and want to understand on SNS!