Manga de Japan, is now open!

Aug 01 ,2017

Born in Japan, and a first of its kind in the world!
Manga de Japan,
the content website told through manga design, is now open!

Manga Designers Lab. Inc. (Head office: Harajuku NA Bldg, 6F, 6-10-8, Jingumae, Shibuya-ku,
Tokyo, 150-0001, JAPAN, Manga Design® Producer: Toshihiko Kira, hereafter "Manga Designers Lab.") has released its content site, Manga de Japan, which conveys the wonder of Japanese culture (J-culture) through manga design.

【What's Manga de Japan?】
Manga de Japan is a content site geared towards foreign tourists visiting Japan that uses manga to communicate Japan's various J-culture such as traditional culture, art, food, fashion, technology, buildings, tourist spots, events, manga, and anime, as well as trends and corporate technology, and the latest news--all with a unique twist.

The entire website is available in English. In anticipation of a large influx of visitors to Japan in 2020, and to also make efforts to continually promote culture and create inbound business opportunities in the future, Manga de Japan brings the latest info about Japan to foreigners interested in visiting the land of the rising sun.

【Manga de Japan's Primary Services】
1.) Distribution of news articles edited with manga design
Convey Japanese culture and trends on a daily basis by using manga narratives and illustrations to create articles based on hot topics with youth abroad such as sightseeing, cuisine, and subcultures.

2.) Event content projects and operations
・Collaborates with Southeast Asia's largest manga and anime competition--the AFA (Animation Festival ASIA)--an event boasting a track record of over 10 years (around 210,000 attendees in 2016) throughout the ASEAN countries to hold overseas events.
・Manga Me! (Online portrait service)
・Game Me! (Original online game development)
Linking its website and events together helps promote customer and social media growth.

3.)Corporation inbound site linking
In addition to creating webpages reserved for each of its partner companies (CREW), the website also features links to external sites as well as collaborative content on occasion.

【What's Manga Design?】
Manga Design takes manga, one of Japan's cultures, and applies it to graphic design and incorporates manga's inherit strengths:
・Communicative competence
・Narrative appeal
・Establishing a cast of characters

This is a Japan original creative technique that is a first of its kind in the world. This technique involves replacing otherwise boring text with illustrations and a narrative, which heightens human comprehension and transcends cultural backgrounds, intelligence, and even language.


Manga Designers Lab. Inc.
Harajuku NA Bldg, 6F, 6-10-8, Jingumae, Shibuya-ku,
Tokyo, 150-0001, JAPAN