The cooperation of the manga design and the official SNS of 《GINGER潮儿》 was decided!!

Oct 29 ,2018

Recently, "GINGER潮儿", the Chinese version of "GINGER", which is co-founded by Jin Cuo Shanghai Culture Communications Co., Ltd. (Shanghai, China) and Gentosha Inc., was officially published.

At the founding ceremony held in Beijing, China on October 18, 2018 (Thursday), officials announced that the Japanese "Manga Designers Lab.." was selected as the cooperation partner of official Weibo and official WeChat of "GINGER潮儿" for its pushing content.

In the same day, Mr. Xu Zhiwei, President of Jin Cuo Shanghai Culture Communications Co., Ltd. and Toshihiko Kira, representative of Manga Designers Lab., publicly displayed the cooperation certificate on the stage, showing the cooperation relationship between the two companies to about 500 guests and media attending the venue.

In the future, the manga article of Manga de Japan will be gradually openen on the official SNS of "GINGER潮儿".

In addition, the original manga content produced by Manga Designers Lab. for "GINGER潮儿" will also be published on SNS and related media platforms.