Talking about Harajuku, what do you think of?
Hamburger? Pancake? Popcorn?
Each one has its own fans,

but the the recent surge in popularity is... Pearl milk tea! "Speaking of Harajuku... it must be the ""pearl milk tea""— ""It is said that the pearl milk tea is even sold in convenience stores..."" ""It's rather exaggerated!"" ""But there are so many pearl milk tea shops now, I really don't know where to drink~!"" ""Um! If someone around you who know about Harajuku well~"" ""Are you talking here about us?!"" ""Ah!? What!? Who is it??""" "We'll tell you!" "We know well about beer and skittles in Harajuku!" "There are so many pearl milk tea shops in Harajuku, I don't know where to go, it's really a big problem!" “If you have such an idea, let us recommend a few for you!”
"Ah! There are so many pearl milk tea shops!" "We have briefly summarized the characteristics of each shop for you!" Harajuku Pearl Milk Tea Shop Map Self-assertion ranking! Comparison on different pearl milk tea!

The amount of pearl milk tea shop in Harajuku has been increasing recently, and here is almost the sacred place of pearl milk tea. Once in a blue moon, this time, the editors of the MdJ Editorial Department have tried and made a comparison!
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Self-assertion ranking! Comparison on different pearl milk tea!

Just like the last time, we've chosen the standard specifications of pearl milk tea! We also tasted and made a comparison under normal conditions of sweetness and iciness!

Evaluation items include: ・Softness of pearl・Size of pearl ・Aroma of tea・Concentration of milk・Value for money

Based on these five evaluation items, we conducted the statistics.

The editors were constantly trying to drink, while carefully filling out the evaluation form.
Different pearl milk tea in different shops have their own top quality!

After entanglement, the result is...
(※The following rankings are only subjective opinions of the editors)

"If you want to feel the thick milk tea, just choose this shop! Southeast Asian milk tea! The feel of India Chai is very strong, but not too sweet. More pearls, cost-effective! The milk tea is also blended with brown sugar, very good! Lots of pearls! The pearl milk tea of this shop has orange-flavored and primary taste! There is even fruit tea in this shop, and there are many kinds! And also the Cream Cheese Tea! ""The taste of pearl is just like the Bekkoame, super charm! They are very small and easy to drink.  It won't be very sweet, but quite milky and very smooth!"

"By the way, this time we also found the flash-sale and limited goods!
Such drink is perfect for a refreshing summer, so be sure to try it!"

"""How's it going??"" ""Have you find the pearl milk tea you like?"" I like hard pearls, so is it! I want more milky, it must be this one! Please refer to our Harajuku Pearl Milk Tea Map to find your favorite!"

Are you satisfied?

The good pearl milk tea in Harajuku are far more than these!
Please try a lot!

Self-assertion ranking! Comparison on different pearl milk tea!

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