This is a manga of a workshop of students of Communication University of China with Manga de Japan.
It is a six-frame cartoon on the theme of "Harajuku" that the students considered.And this is one of 6 wonderful works.
Why "Harajuku”? Because Manga de Japan company is in Harajuku.
It would be great to get a different perspective from Chinese students.

This is the first time I come to Japan! Feel so fresh, so many beautiful and nice place! The next destination is... Harajuku. Just walk along this road, I really don't know what it is like... WOW! Iridescent...dazzling! What a stylish and dazzling place! Where is it on earth-- "Right! Here is... Harajuku! Only me, unfashionable..."

Draft storyboard by Cyril Chen(Communication University of China)
Illustration by Kyouel(Manga de Japan)

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