Japan’s representative food "Sushi"
Sushi is popular in Japan and around the world
So which sushi topping do you like best?

Here we will introduce something about some popular sushi toppings
in an easy-to-understand way, with each one corresponding to a character!

You are an ordinary girl.
Accidentally fell into the sea.

When you woke up, you saw a street that you had never seen before.

"What are you doing here?"
"Are you all right? Where are you from?"
"Are you hurt?"

You heard three men's voices

"I, I..."
Name: Shariko (fictitious name)  Age: 18  Date of Birth: August 8th  Blood Type: Type A  Height: 155 cm  Character: She's strong-willed at the critical moments,    but always speaks in a low voice and is not good at speaking.    Serious and has no sense of humor. Likes: Vinegar, Gari (marinated ginger) Dislikes: Wasabi

You are Shariko (fictitious name).
Somehow, you got lost in the sushi kingdom.
And there
the three ikemen were looking for the Shari that suits them.

"You can be my Shari"
"I ... you are pretty good"
"Would you like to be my Shari?"

Three ikemen passionately confessed their love to you suddenly!
Who would you like to choose?
(Whose Shari would you like to be?)

   The Absolute King of SUSHI "Tuna" 

Shy Tsundere Prince  Name: Yu Aono  Age: 17  Species: Tuna (red meat)  Height: 173 cm (still growing!!!!!)  Character: The youngest one of the three brothers, the rest two are the eldest son Otoro (fatty tuna) and the second son Nakatoro (medium fatty tuna)   He looks very arrogant toward others, maybe because he's always bossed around by his two older brothers.   He isn’t quite used to being around girls and his face is easy to turn red." "Hey, I will make you become a woman///Are you prepared…?

! Tuna Trivia!
"Tuna Auction" is extremely popular in Toyosu market!
Many people come early in the morning.
Different parts can be taken from one tuna. They all have different flavors, as well as different names such as Otoro (fatty tuna), Nakatoro (medium fatty tuna) and Akami (red meat).

Three things to be done when going to Toyosu Market

Having Trouble Deciding on What Tuna to Eat Tonight?

   Attractive "Salmon", With Female Popularity Rate No.1

The most amicable!? Puppy dog style men  Name: Sake Samon  Age: 19  Species: Salmon  Height: 175 cm  Character: Good at communication and coquetry!   Straightforward and talks out everything that comes into his mind.   A born tarashi popular with both female and male, and has many friends.   (tarashi: a Japanese word which refers to people who behave without any affectation and undesignedly gain the favor of opposite-sex.)"Hey! Here! Here!  I will never let go of your hand…

! Salmon Trivia!
Salmon contains proper amount of fat and has no fishy taste, and has a unique taste after being heated.
So it can be used to make many dishes like
marinated food, soup, roasted food, fried food and tsukemono (pickled things).

   Mature and Attractive "Ikura"

Mysterious Gentleman  Name: Kaoru Kuramaru  Age: 26  Species: Salmon (ikura)  Height: 180 cm  Character: He's very kind most of the time.   Also a little mysterious, and it's hard to know what he is thinking.   In fact, he's much more possessive than others."If time could stop at this moment,   I will be able to own you, only I...

※ Ikura Trivia Ikura refers to the roes (fish eggs) of salmon. It especially refers to granular salmon roes that are separated one by one from the complete roe after the removal of the ovarian membrane (the membrane that covers the eggs) of sujiko. By the way, the complete roe mentioned above is already matured before the salmon spawns. It's usually used to make salted salmon roe and soy sauce marinated salmon roe instead of being cooked.

Shariko is chased by those three toppings.

"What am I supposed to do?"

Who do you choose?

You are so confused. Just then...

"Only you three guys, sort of sneaky, huh?"
"Oh, young lady! I wish you to play with me too ♡"
"I'm interested in her too" A new ikemen appeared!?

"W...What's... gonna happen to me~?"


To be continued...?


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