Now that summer's here, Satomi's started to neglect her skincare routine and... Eeeeeek! *Flaky* Too sticky. I'll just slap on some face lotion. *yawn* It's the humid season! Why is my skin so dry?! Oh my. You have to moisturize even in the summer! AC can easily dry out your skin. Owww... Yuri... White Aqua Medicinal Whitening Lotion goes on light and smooth! It's perfect for hot summer days. It isn't sticky, but it still moisturizes well! White Aqua Medicinal Whitening Lotion (Quasi-Drug) Dull Stiff Dry Saggy For dull skin, as well as stiff and saggy skin caused by dryness. I recommend toner masks for days when you're especially worried about your skin! Days where you're worried about dryness. Days where you've been outside for a long time. Our unique White Aqua Complex has great moisturizing properties, of course. But it also has vitamin C derivatives for skin-whitening that helps to prevent dark spots and freckles caused by sunburns! *Prevents dark spots and freckles caused by sunburns. Use White Aqua's light and soothing whitening lotion to keep your skin fresh, plump, and pure throughout the summer!


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