[Introduction of Yukos]

Here I will introduce the people who plays in the yukobow illustration series, namely the Yuko's family members.

Yuko is always smiling, she is a very sweet and gentle girl. High ponytail tied with red hair band, blushing face, she looks very attractive. Yuko is quite shy and sometimes a crybaby. She often quarrels with Ron, her younger brother, but actually their relationship is very good, and she is an elder sister who would consider everything for his younger brother. Furthermore, Yuko always stays with Hoshi Ojisan who cares about her very much and her dog, Jacky.

Ron is Yuko's younger brother, a naughty boy full of energy. Ron likes the pastry made by mother, so he always competes with Jacky to eat those pastry. Although sometimes he quarrels with Yuko, yet he is very concerned about his sister and tries all the time show his softer side for his sister.

[Hoshi Ojisan]
Don't know since when Hoshi Ojisan settled in Yuko's house, maybe he came from somewhere else to record the "Sound of Star". When Yuko is depressed or annoyed, Hoshi Ojisan always shows loving care for her. He is called Ojisan, but no one know his age, fans in the town like to call him "Hoshi Oji." By the way, his body is a little tiny.

Jacky is a Yukos' dog, he knows nothing except for eating. Jacky once ate Yuko's birthday cake and made her cry.

Nakamotoyu is the mother of Yuko and Ron. Her image is long hair and glasses. Nakamotoyu's goal is to train Yuko and Ron as celebrities. And her personal dream is to become a cartoonist. Nakamotoyu is usually very quiet and has little sense of being, which can make people say "is she here"?! But when she says "I'm here", or she is pulled pranks, she will present her skills or humorous and become lively instantly.

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