[Let's Celebrate Tango no Sekku]

In Japan, the "Tango no Sekku" is held on May 5th to celebrate the boys' healthy and strong growth. I have introduced to you the "Momonosekku" in the article of March which is the festival to pray for girls'healthy growth and getting happiness, so the "Tango no Sekku" can be called its boy version, and the Japanese "Kodomonohi" on May 5th is declared as national holiday. This time, I will introduce to you the boys' festival, the Tango no Sekku.

Tango no Sekku is one the five annual ceremonies that were traditionally held at the Japanese imperial court called Gosekku, and is valued as a festival of eliminating evil and misfortune.

The Gosekku was adapted from the calendar of the Tang Dynasty in China, which has the meaning of seasonal change, Momonosekku is also one of Gosekku. In China, people think that the vitality shall be gained from plants to drive out the evil. Therefore, today's "Tango no Sekku" in Japan is a product of the integration of Chinese calendar and Japanese farming production and people’s customs. On this day, people will hang a koinobori on the roof and eat kashiwamochi to drive out the evil.

Then let's take a look at the various celebrations of the Tango no Sekku!

Kashiwamochi) It is said that the kashiwa are the trees that the deities host. When the trees sprout new leaves, the old leaves will not fall down, so wrapping mochi in the kashiwa leaves has the auspicious meaning of old still alive and population flourishing, so the people will eat kashiwamochi on Tango no Sekku.

Koinobori) Because the koi can fight its way up swift-running streams to lay eggs, which has the meaning of strength and determination to overcome all obstacles, so people will hang such koi-shaped flags to pray for the boys can be stronger and make a rise in life.

Kintaro Doll) On this day, people has the custom of arranging kintaro with warriors and helmets at home. The kintaro is considered to be a symbol of the guardian of life, which contains the aspiration of dangers elimination and peace life.

As a protagonist of the boys' day, Ron looks very happy.
Ron must be a boy who can guard the girls with a strong mind!

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