[Go to the famous scenic spots with ajisai]

As to the different season in every month, I'm used to introduce to you the various traditional ritual activities in Japan, but in June, there is not any special activity. As a festival superpower, the June is the only month which has no any Japanese traditional festival. Yet after June, the summer is coming, it is the time for bathing beach opened, and some big events in summer vacation will come in a continuous stream, so now we have to spend such leisure and comfort June.

Although there is not any traditional activity in June, yet it is not uninteresting at all, because the "baiu" time is just during this period, which will continue to be cloudy and rainy, then the best hanami season for some flowers such as ajisai and hanashobu that are well suited with rain water is coming. This time Yuko will introduce to you some ajisai enjoying places in Kansai area where I live in.

Minuroto-ji is known as the flower temple of Kyoto, which is a ancient temple in Uji, there are about 10 thousand ajisai planted in Minuroto-ji. In the season of ajisai, the landscape lighting will be opened, thus it's good to enjoy such scenery at night. It is said that there are heart-shaped ajisai in the temple, so here is also a popular place for lovers to date.

Minuroto-ji Website

Maizuru Natural Culture Garden@Kyoto
Maizuru Natural Culture Garden is located on the Ourahanto where you can look far into the Maizuru Bay, it is a park with abundant natural resources.

There is an ajisai area on the side of the valley, where plants about 100 species and 100 thousand ajisai. During the blooming period, the visitors will come in an endless stream, the colorful ajisai are growing all over the mountains and plains, forming an unparalleled beautiful scenery of "ajisai sea".

Maizuru Natural Culture Garden Website

Tanba Kanonji@Kyoto
Tanba Kanonji is an ancient temple called "Tanba Ajisai Temple". During June and July, there are about 100 species and 10 thousand ajisai blooming in the temple so as to dye it into a beautiful purple flower sea. On the fourth Sunday of every June, the "Ajisai Festival" will be held here, as well as various activities such as the jushoku's (abbot's) carefree sermon and so on.

Tanba Kanonji Website

Kobe Municipal Arboretum(Rokko-san)@Hyogo
Kobe Municipal Arboretum is a botanical garden where can fully appreciate the wide natural scenery of Rokko-san, it is said that the soil in Rokko-san is very suitable for the cultivation of ajisai so that the flowers blooming here are very beautiful. In addition, ajisai is also very popular as the city flower of Kobe. No matter which season, Rokko-san is a good place for flower admiration.

Rokko-san portal site

Although Yuko is very annoyed with thunder, but the tick-tock rainy sound is so nice as if there is a sense of peace of mind. Listening to the rain in the rainy days shall be also very relaxing.

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