【Japanese National Holiday in Autumn】

Japan is a big country for holiday, only in June there is no government-specified holiday, and there are holidays which are called "national holiday" in the rest of months.

Japan has more festivals than the other countries, in which 17 days can be the rest days. Among them, the festivals in autumn are the most, and in terms of seasons, it is most suitable to go out in autumn, so it is called "the season to seek pleasure". This time I'd like to introduce to you the festivals in the fall of Japan.

[Japanese Autumn Festival in 2018]
Sep 17(Monday) Respect for the Aged Day: it is a festival to respect the elderly who have dedicated to the society for many years, and to bless the eldly health and longevity.
Sep 23(Sunday) Autumnal Equinox Day: it is a day to respect the ancestors and think about the dead.

Sep 24(Monday) Compensatory: because the Autumnal Equinox Day of this year is just at Sunday, then the next Monday shall be the compensatory.
Oct 8 (Monday) Health-Sports Day: it is a festival to take exercise and foster a healthy mind and body.

Nov 3(Saturday) Culture Day: it is a festival for Japanese people to love freedom and peace, and promote culture.
Nov 23(Friday) Labor Thanksgiving Day: it is a festival for Japanese people to respect hard work, congratulate on good harvest and express thanks to the others.

One-third of Japanese festivals are concentrated in the autumn, in addition, as for the rest days on holiday, the Japanese government implements the regulation of "happy a week", that is, to selectively put a part of the fixed statutory holidays on Monday, in order to increase the number of consecutive holidays so that the Japanese can spend the holidays comfortably.

However, some people think that changing the date of the holiday will get the original meaning of the festival lost, it is also very important to think about the meaning of the festival.
By the way, in Japan, people also call the festival "Hatabi" because people used to hang the national flag at the entrance during the festival, but now, we can not see such scenery any more.

Yuko is also think about the plan for straight day off.
It shall be one of pleasure of life to think about where to go on holidays.

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