The Japanese unique culture in autumn? Sports Meet!

In last article, Yuko introduced the national holidays in Japan, among them, do you still remember the Health-Sports Day? During this period when both temperature and humidity are all just right, an activity called "sports meet" will be held in all Japanese schools. It is said that this activity originated in the United Kingdom and Germany, but it is only Japan that has survived it as a culture. This time, I will introduce such "sports meet" to you.

The Japanese Sports Meet is one of the school activities that shall be held from nursery school to senior high school. The students will be divided into red groups and white groups, etc. to compete in various sports competitions. In particular, sports meet of primary school is often highly valued as one of family activities.

In order to take up a good position to cheer for their children, the families will grab a piece of good sites early in the morning. At the noon break, the family will gather together to have lunch so as to leave a good memory. As for the sports meet of senior high school, the sports meet has been evolved into the activities such as sports festivals and cultural festivals, which are relatively independent matsuri-like events. Then let's take a look at the games are available in the sports meet.

【The main competition of the Japanese sports meet】
Race)The overwhelming majority of students will participate in this most important competition. According to different school years, the running distance is divided into 50m, 100m, 200m and so on.
Tug-of-war)Tug-of-war is a sports competition that each party holds one end of twist to wrestle with the other party.
Ball-shooting)This kind of competition is to check which team can shoot more goals in the specified time.

Obstacle race)It is a competition that must cross certain obstacles (such as hurdle etc.),upon most occasions, it is a parent-child activity.
Cheerleading competition)It is a competition that competes the originality and vitality of support. The teams will support each other.
Relay race)This is the last and most exciting competition in the sports meet, the ace players of each school year will play and try their best to pass the baton for the final score.

Yuko will also do a good job for the cheerleading competition!
Mutual encouragement is a wonderful thing.

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