【Let's celebrate the Shichi-Go-San Festival】

Seven-five-three, what do you think of these numbers? In fact, this is the number that represents the age of the child. In Japan, Shichi-Go-San Festival will be held annually on November 15 to celebrate the growth and well-being of young children. But why such festival is for 7 years old,

5 years old and 3 years old, and why is it scheduled to celebrate on November 15th? This time Yuko will give you a detailed introduction to Japan's Shichi-Go-San Festival!

On the day of Shichi-Go-San,there is a practice of holding a congratulatory ceremony for boys of ages 3 and 5, and girls of ages 3 and 7. The "Shichi-Go-San" was originated from the Muromachi Period, and became a practice in the Edo Period, which was centered on samurai class and spread from Kanto to the whole country.

Because of the high mortality rate of infants at that time, so children would not be registered on the “Ninbetsuchou” and “Ujiko Daichou” until 3 to 4 years after birth, which were equivalent to the current household registration.

Thus, the reason for celebrating Shichi-Go-San Festival was to express thanks to gods for their blessing of the child's healthy growth, and also meant that people pray for the future of their children and their longevity in the key nodes of their children from infants to boys and girls.
As for the celebration on November 15th, that is because this day is the Kishuku-nichi day, when the ghosts would not come out, except for the wedding, everything would be lucky.

In addition, the lunar November is also the month of thanking the gods for the autumn harvest, therefore, people would thank the gods for the harvest of the crops on the full moon day of this month, that is, the November 15, and also thank and pray for the chlidren's healthy growth.

In the modern Shichi-Go-San Festival, on the good day of November 15th, the whole family will go to the shrine to worship, and take a family photo, the relatives will gather together to have a dinner party. On this day, children will wear the kimonos for Shichi-Go-San and put on special makeup.

In addition, children will also receive a special candy called "Chitoseame", which is a kind of slender, stick-shaped red-and-white sweet. Just like its name "Chitose", adults hope that their children can live to a ripe old age, and the sweet wrappers are written with lucky words such as "寿" and so on.

What do you think? Regardless of what era, the growth of children is a delightful thing. In Japanese culture, although there are several other festivals that bless the growth of children, yet the Shichi-Go-San Festival will definitely leave a good memory for the children!

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